Business Description

In Octopus, we specialise in various kinds of signage such as indoor & outdoor, menuboard, illuminating, wayfinding systems, display touchscreen panel, and many more. We provide fast production as compared to our competitors and produce many complex signage with the required technical skills.

In addition, we provide one-stop service which include consultancy, in-house design and production. We have customer support team which will assist clients with ideas for signage and also production team to manufacture the final product.

Company Ownership /
Legal Entity
This is a private limited company. Currently, we owned the BCA Grade Level 2 and BizSAFE 3 certification.

BizSAFE 3 is under Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act which is to reduce risks at source, increases industry stakeholders' ownership and focuses on achieving good WSH outcomes and systems rather than complying with prescriptive requirements.
It is strategically located at Loyang Industrial Estate which is ideal for mass production of the company.
The company is a 4-level factory whereby the first level is for mass production using heavy machineries while the second level is for small production and office-related work. Currently, we are expanding to third and fourth levels.
We have a group of trustable and reliable suppliers who provide us with the required materials needed for production.
We listen to the clients’ needs, designs and manufacture products based on their expectation. Quality is assured from conceptualisation, design and final implementation.

There are various types of services we provide such as those included in the contract like installation, warranty, delivery, and etc. Alternatively, additional charges may apply for modification of existing signage.

For neon lighting products, we have a warranty of 6 months. Whereas for LED lights, it depends on whether it is indoor or outdoor and has 12 months and 6 months warranty respectively.
In Octopus, we do manufacturing whereby we have in-house production using advanced technology. The multi-manufacturing capability of our company includes using Laser Cutting, Super Bender machines, and other types of machines, allows us to manufacture in-house with precision.

Besides manufacturing, we are capable of turnkey projects.